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Who can extend their legal stay as tourist from June 2, 2021?

People who have entered the country as of March 05, 2020 as tourists, as long as:

  • They have not been granted a 90-day stay upon admission. It is important to clarify that the number of days to be granted will be those remaining to complete the 90 days. Example: if you were granted 85 days upon admission, you will only be granted the remaining 5 days to complete the 90 days, if you meet all the corresponding immigration and health requirements.
  • Those who make their appointment as long as they have a regular immigration status as a tourist in the country.
  • If necessary, have validated the insurance before the ICT during your stay to maintain legal permanence.

Who can NOT extend their stay as tourists?

  • Those who have stayed more than 90 days in the country.
  • Those who, despite having entered as of March 5, 2021, have been granted 90 days of stay in the country.
  • Those who, despite having entered as of March 5, 2021, have not validated their insurance before the ICT if required. Example: person who entered on April 1, 2021, was granted 30 days of stay and within those 30 days of stay did not validate his insurance before the ICT for the other days that he has stayed in the country.
  • Those who, despite having entered as of March 5, 2021, do not make their appointment within the period of legal permanence granted. Example: person who entered on May 15, 2021, is granted 20 days and does not request the appointment within those 20 days.


  • There are no exceptions for those who have been in the country for more than 90 days.
  • The requirements to present to request the extension of tourism are:

1. Interested foreign tourists must submit a request indicating:

-Passport number
-Name of their parents
-The reasons why they intent to extend their stay in Costa Rica
-In case of minors, the name of their legal guardian
-Contact information
-An email address
-Provide their exact address, in case they have it.

2. Payment of ¢ 125 colones for a tax stamp, and an additional ¢ 2.50 colones for each page of documentation needed, based on the Law for the Financial Balance of the Public Sector. This deposit is made in account 242480-0 of the Bank of Costa Rica in the name of the Ministry of Finance.
3. Certified copies of all pages of your valid passport, or a copy of all pages of your valid passport and the original passport to be verified by immigration officials.
4. Two recent passport size photographs.
5. Demonstration of economic solvency in accordance with the provisions of the National Migration Council, when applicable, with an official Spanish translation.
6. Proof of payment to the Costa Rican government in the amount of one hundred dollars (US $ 100.00) or its equivalent in colones at the exchange rate set by the Central Bank, as provided in article 90 of the Law.This deposit is made in account 242480-0 of the Bank of Costa Rica in the name of the Ministry of Finance.​
7. In accordance with the new administrative measures established in Resolution DJUR-031-03-2021JM, published in Scope No. 5 of Gazette No. 6 dated January 11, 2021, the requirements for this procedure will be duly regulated in the Immigration Regulations, Executive Decree 37112-GOB, in addition to travel insurance for a period equal to the period requested in the tourism extension. The insurance must cover at least the costs of accommodation and medical expenses that the COVID-19 disease may generate. This insurance may be one of those offered by one of the insurers authorized by the General
Superintendency of Insurance in Costa Rica and duly registered with said authority, or travel insurance with international coverage.

All procedures requested in the “Unidad de Visas” located in headquarters in San José, must be done by appointment, WITHOUT EXCEPTION.​​


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